This is just a reminder that I will not be on here much today.  I have family things to do, and it is messing with my tumblr time.  I have filled up my queue, and it will be posting all day.  I will try to get on and put a few more things in it if I have some time, but as of now it’s full for about 16 hours.  I know I owe you guys a promo for hitting my 1000, and I will do it on Monday, promise.  I will post some gif sets on Monday too to make up for being gone all weekend, yes I said sets.  Have a good day everyone! I will miss all of you. 

Edit: I did some updates on my page, changed my sidebar gif, backgrounds, and summary, no theme change, just some minor changes.  I also reorganized my gifs section for easier navigation, all the David Tennant stuff is under it’s own section now and in alphabetical order.


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